so about this leaked footage...

Is it genuinely a leak? I’m not asking for it, i’m simply asking if it is a genuine leak, or if i can discuss it. if the scene is in fact a leak, i won’t pursue this any further as i don’t wish to violate any rules, thanks. <33333

No discussing the discussion of things we are not allowed to discuss

because it was shown at Comi Con in front of a lot of people… I would assume it’s not. otherwise, I guess you could consider the Forge video at RTX at leaked since Halo Waypoint still doesn’t have that video on here.

NO DISHCUSHION BOUT LEEKS HURR DURR. Jk, in all honesty I have no idea about this leak. PM anybody wink.

Apparently there was not supposed to be filming, so it would be considered a leak.

Hopefully 343i reveals the whole panel so we can see better quality and discuss it. For now, discussion ends.

Please do no post leaks, discuss leaks, or ask for PM’s with links to leaked material.