So about these new maps

I swear to god,
They better be AMAZINGLY unique.

If its just another copy and paste of,
-3 Lane
-2 Base
-Or 3 Lane + 2 Base.

I’m just going to write Infinite off as a creatively dead franchise.
3+ months to release new maps, that are exactly the same concept as 8 of the 10 Launch maps,
Will be unbelievably sad.

Seriously, this franchise is Over 2 Decades old.
If 3 Lane and 2 Base is all you have, 343i needs to step down and let some other people Develop Halo.


Well if what I read on ign is correct and complete, there will only be 3 new maps. 1 arena, 1 btb, and one ffa. That in NOWHERE near enough.

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I thought there was only two maps? I’ve only read the Waypoint article.

The only 2 maps in previous halos i can think of that didn’t fit those 3 points are Boarding Action and Chiron, both from CE.


Where in my post did I say there was going to be 3 maps?

You guys need better reading comprehension skills lmao.
I was listing off different map types.
Not the number of maps.

He was replying to the other person lol

well, id put guardian, isolation, last resort, high ground and snowbound from h3 in that category as well. Maybe even construct.


Construct is such an underated map. I love the verticality of it. Imagine if we got a Giant BTB map inspired by construct that has bases like those in Epitaph. That would be amazing.


But even the two base maps in those games had very wild interpretations of what that means.

It always came with some additional description modifiers.
2 Base + Asymmetrical + Vertical Combat + Stage Teleporters


2Base + Heavy Vehicle based combat + Combat Hallways

Infinites maps don’t share any of these features.

Aquarius, Bazaar, Streets, Live Fire, are all literally boring 3 lanes.
Behemoth is just a 3 Lane on a Grand scale.

All the BtB maps are also JUST more 3 Lane maps with empty combat areas separating them.

The ONLY standout map in its launch is Recharge, because its literally the only map that incorporates a ton of verticality into its Asymmetrical design. Bazaar its moments, but its crippled by its overly open design.

Older Halos had a ton of top tier Asymmetrical maps.
Hang’em high, Ascension, Headlong, Lockout,
Are are tons of good maps with level design gimmicks.

People overrate map total

“dur dur dur CoD had 75k maps across 3 decades, so Bungie/343i should be ashamed of themselves”

The main reason Halo’s weren’t boring as hell within a few months in years prior was because we had more than a handful of gametypes to choose from (you know, variety?) and we had this really decent map making tool called Forge.

Infinite could’ve released with 50 maps and it would’ve been disappointing, compared to the potentially millions you could access via Forge and Custom Games in years prior.


Dood, Fragmentation is clearly 4 lanes.


I agree with you on Last Resort and Construct. I forgot about these. But for the rest:

  • Guardian: 3 lanes, 1 top middle, 1 bottom middle and 1 through the bushy area (with man cannon)
  • Isolation: i would say that is a 2 bases map, the bases are underground, but they are small bases non the least. Also you could say it has 3 lanes, 1 above ground and 2 below ground.
  • High Ground: 3 lanes between beach and base side. You can go down the middle through the gate. You can go (from beach seen) left through the side and the bunker and go right through the tunnel and pipe room.
  • Snowbound: 2 bases.

I would agree with you on that. The Infinite maps the lanes are most 2 same type sidelines and 1 wider and more open centre lane. There could be more variaty in that, absolutely.

!I mean they did Only give us 10 of the 60 colors we had in Halo 5 and paywalled the other 50… They have lost their creativity a while ago.

Forget new maps. They need to fix what’s already here.

I’m sure the new maps will be welcome, but if they play as poorly as Behemoth, Launch Site and Highpower, then they won’t really fix the core issue.

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2 base maps are a staple. I just don’t want any lanes.

Honestly forget making new maps, importing and updating old maps and slapping them into Infinite is free af for them to do but they aren’t doing it, which perplexes me to no end.

Blood Gulch, Zanzibar, Guardian, Zealot for starters.
These are 2 BTB classics and 2 FFA/Arena classics that could fit into Infinite immediately without extensive changes.

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I want some goddam verticality. We’ve got the best vertical mobility since Halo Reach’s jet packs and every freakin’ map only has 2 levels. Give me Prisoner. Give me Damnation.

I don’t know if i can think of a map in Halo history that isn’t a 3 lane OR 2 base map…? Why is that the criteria?

Maybe I have a more flexible definition of one or both of those criteria than you I guess?

Recharge and High Power both have a ton of map verticality, and vertical focused traversal routes. I hope we get more though!

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And coincidentally Recharge is my favorite map.

Highpower honestly sucks though, but that’s more because of the lopsided spawns and sight lines.

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You need to learn to read posts correctly. I never said you said there were only 3 maps. I said IGN said there were only three maps.