So about the maps...

Can someone verify me if slayer only has about 4 maps in the current rotation?

I keep playing on Prophet, Plaza, and the rest I don’t remember the names. I remember playing on Empire and another map in the beta which are not currently for MP

In swat I played in a map named Pegasus which is not included in Slayer.

So some maps are only for certain game types? If that is the case, I am a bit dissapointed.

I think it’s actually 5 or 6 maps.

Not that it matters, atleast back when there was voting you’d play the same map all the time because it was good and people wanted to play it, but now I’m playing the same map every game anyways, and they aren’t even the good maps…

Seriously how is it that the game can take the same people in the same lobby, and out them in the same map 3-4 times in a row?