So about that music

Seeing that the lead composer for the Ori series, Gareth Coker, is one of the composers for halo Infinite has made me super excited. Would everyone want totally classic music but a mix of the classic or remade classic music? Do you think Gareth would be given don’t freedom to make his own scores?

I hope he has some freedom as his scores in Ori are phenomenal. I really think him and the lead composer could make new scores that are consistent with the original trilogy scores.

I thought maybe we can talk about some music instead of graphics :stuck_out_tongue:

so far the music in the demo feels bit too light, want more like jeopardy ,but sure it’s way better than H5G’s


In the demo the music is fantastic. It has been adapted well in certain situations, such as when you go up with the elevator and look at the view, fantastic!

I agree with that. Apparently my understanding with musicians and artists is this. They first completely become one with what they are doing. They really feel it. Like really good actors will change their lifestyle and behavior and tone and everything to become like the person they need to enact. Similarly people who make music. They completely submerge themselves in the emotions. IF its about working for a game. They will first listen the original. Understand the feeling. Feel it and then make music. That can be new but still give that feeling which you get.

I would hope he is given freedom. You won’t get great music out of a composer constrained to meet someone else’s criteria. One of the reason why Marty and Michael were able to produce such varied and unique music for Halo was because they had the full trust of Bungie and free hands.

I’d ideally want something that reminds me of the the music in the original trilogy, but I wouldn’t want somebody twisting the composer’s arm and rejecting work because it doesn’t sound “iconic” enough. What I think often goes forgotten is that the original trilogy isn’t just monks, strings, and drums, or even that plus guitars and synths. It’s a varied combination of ideas, styles, and experiments where nothing was discarded because it doesn’t fit some formula. Anything that doesn’t allow that kind of creativity to shine through is bound to be just a caricature of Halo music.

I like Gareth’s work on Ori. I hope he and Curtis will be able to exercise their creativity, and won’t get bogged down by corporate bureaucracy of triple-A game development.

I know he said he wanted to do his own thing, but I still think would have liked Marty back for the last mainline Halo OST.