So about (Redacted) SPOILERS!

Is she coming back or something??? I was thinking this was about chief and cortana lol. Anyone know what the word is on her in halo 5?

I seriously hope she comes back, Halo would feel incomplete without her. Maybe they’ll find a backup or something, or maybe a fragment of her got saved, and using it someone like Halsey could regenerate the rest of her, who knows?

She probably didn’t actually die.

I think she’ll be back.

  1. Put a -Yoinking!- spoiler warning if your talking about the end of the game.
  2. maybe like she sed they can probably remake her but a different her, she will be a new slate. or a different AI unit will be back.

If she and the Dicat are alive it will be Halo 2-3 all over again. Cortana is captured by a deadly aline dude. You free Cortana. Then kill the alien dude.

I can’t imagine not having that voice of guidance in my helmet. I was on the verge of tears at the end of the campaign.

im thinking that the librarian might have saved her somehow, it wouldnt be the same without her so i think she’ll come back somehow

Cortana is coming back just as much as Bambi’s mom is coming back.

I hope she comes back. I think 343 did really great on the emotional side with the chief and cortana

I’m sure she didn’t die. Though she’s finally made out of matter! She’s no longer a hologram which is so cool.