So about Halo 4.

I am assuming that some employees from 343 may browse these forums and I thought I should give my thoughts on what Halo 4 may need. Feel free to critique.

  1. It needs that “Halo feel” something that I believe the original trilogy captured perfectly, most notably Halo 1. It has to have that sense of “epicness” and wonder. But not too “happy” for example Halo 3 while it did have its sad and serious moments didn’t feel ‘serious’ enough. While Halo: Reach for example was full of that saddened tone and seriousness but in doing so lost the epic feeling that Halo 1,2 and 3 had. Halo 4 will need a well balanced mix of that

  2. Exploration and a sense of wonder. Something Halo 1 also did well. You were new to the ring world you were wide-eyed and wanted to explore, the vast caves, beaches, towers and underground were yours for the exploration. Something no Halo game has captured quite as well as the original and that I believe Halo Reach had none of.

  3. Also in tie with that exploration would be easter eggs and collectables. Skulls for example, in Bungie’s last two Halo games(ODST and Reach) all the Skulls were already there for you to activate taking all the fun and adventure of finding them out. Halo 2 and Halo 3 did this wonderfully you would explore for hours off the beaten path looking for them, and when you did you felt accomplished. Something Halo 4 must have. Maybe not skulls per se but something like that. Something that at the end of the day you can feel great for finding them and maybe even get an achievement for. Also easter eggs are also important, weather it be a hidden song by standing in one spot or a secret sign or even a lost marine.

  4. Variety in multiplayer maps. Once again look at Reach, the latest Halo. Now look at it’s multiplayer maps. What do you see? Notice how half of them are based on Forge World? Everything is gray Forerunner structures and green grassy fields. Maps need a variety. Maybe one set in a dessert with sandstone buildings? Or one set in a vast metropolis with the map set across different skyscrapers. Or set in a lush jungle filled with trees. Maybe even a map set across multiple islands with the use of watercrafts such as boats. The only limit is your imaginations. Let us not forget this variety can also be seen in the single player, as long as the story makes sense and fits it. Also don’t forget a multiplayer map doesn’t necessarily have to be set in a location from the single player, after all multiplayer and campaign are two different routes.

  5. Lastly but definitely not least important. Canon. Everything must make sense and follow canon. Down to the details on your weapons to the location and events. While Halo 4 may be the start of a new trilogy and stories unexplored you also do not want to add contradictions or have a central plot make no sense when logic is applied to it. Something that should always be a thought in the back of your mind.

That is all I wished to share with any readers and hopefully any employees at 343. Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Hope you enjoyed it.

I would post this here. Official Feedback Thread Link It is a pinned thread that 343 monitors. I would hate for such a long post to sink to the bottom of the forums without your target audience seeing it.

Thank you, I will repost this there.

> Thank you, I will repost this there.

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> > Thank you, I will repost this there.
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