so about alpha zombies

with the overtime alpha zombies was removed i forget why but we did get confirmation that it was getting added back in. when Is it going to happen?

They didn’t say.

> Hey all - I just wanted to jump in and let you know that Alpha Zombies will be returning to Infection.Unfortunately because of how our systems are setup, the Overtime update had to launch the Infection playlist as it was before it included Alpha Zombies. As you’re aware, we’ve been working to address many matters since the update dropped, including the return of Alpha Zombies. While I can’t provide an ETA yet, I did want to say that Alpha Zombies will be back - and when it does return - it will be a permanent addition the to Infection playlist.

awesome, i thought they would have at least said something new about it by now who knows maybe next community update they have something.

I’m sure the weapon tuning and HCS Oddball testing has them otherwise occupied. Additionally, most of the studio was away last week for Thanksgiving so they’ll be a little behind.

Perhaps they’ll get something out for the holidays. It’s just a question of time.