So a Legendary RP boost on BTB gave me...1.7k??

What is this? WHY is this? Only 1.7k REQ Points for a LEGENDARY Arena RP Boost? (Yeah, I know, I lost the match. But usually that only detracts around 400-600 RP when using boosts.) A match of Warzone Assault gives you 1.4 on average for winning. I recentlly used a rare RP boost for warzone (I used it on Assault) and it net me around 2.8k (I lost that match too, so my guess is I would have gotten around 3.2k for winning)

So why is a mode that lasts around equal to the average time of a warzone assault match give such a drastically reduced amount of RP?

That’s because it’s arena. No matter what you use you get barely anything. I think in arena the legendary cards get you like 1000 compared to the 5000 is warzone.

From my experience, it seems like straight-up “Finish a match and claim your reward” boosts give a lot less than Gambit and Mission Boosts. Even a green “Mission: Victory” Arena Boost will give you a decent chunk of XP/RP.