So 8 months of work to end up with only clones

We have just been confirmed that we will have the cooperative mode of the campaign next month in “beta” mode, here are some of the news:

  • progress counts for everyone in the session
  • co-op runs on dedicated servers
  • similar to Halo CE, there is a group area-of-operation (1,000 feet)
  • everyone is Chief
  • full Xbox One/XSX/XSS/PC cross-play
  • Mission Replay, also works in the open world
  • brand-new achievements

It saddens me that with Halo Infinite supposedly the biggest Halo project we don’t have things as simple as bringing your own Spartan into the campaign mode. I know that there will be few people who care about this detail but for me it is like feeling a stab after another of small disappointments with this game.

What do you think?


Where are people finding this news? Annoying it’s not bang on the front of Waypoint.


Custom Spartans in campaign was once again another missed opportunity from the studio


I see the point you’re trying to make, but just because you and others want something doesn’t mean that it’s in line with the official vision for the game.

Voicing your dissatisfaction with an entire feature on the pretext of an additional small “fan service” feature that was never on the table is pretty shallow. It’s like rejecting a bag of M&M’s because your favorite color purple isn’t in the bag… when it was never officially included or stated it was.


In the news section, about as close to “bang on the front” as you can get.

I understand you’re confusion though, 343 is extremely inconsistent with where to go to find legit info.


[Halo Infinite – Campaign Network Co-Op Preview | Halo - Official Site (en) (](htt ps://

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AH yeah, I always forget about Waypoint having a separate part from the forums haha

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I guess at this time the vision of the game was to monetize us as much as possible and give us as little as possible.

My disappointment is an accumulation of details and facts that one can consider that individually are not important, but together, one after another, after this period of 8 months, they end up causing a bittersweet feeling that the aspirations that we can have with the game they are null.

It is a situation of “we cannot aspire to anything in these 10 years” other than wishing that they give us the basic minimum. It’s not a pleasant feeling after having such high hopes for this game.

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that after these months.


Personally I’m fine with it, the campaign is the MCs story. It would be cool to be our personalized S IVs, but it doesn’t really fit with the narrative. Having said that, I still haven’t played campaign, so I could be off base.

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Having 4 Master chiefs doesn’t match the narrative either, given this problem I would see it better at least using our spartans.


Will coop work with all the desync, or will it be a similar experience to playing mcc campaigns where my family and friends keep getting disconnected?

Yeah, good point.

Using your personalized Spartan would undoubtedly be another route for bugs to get into things, so not surprising considering were 8 months after launch that they probably shut down that idea pretty quickly, if it was ever even brought up.


Dude I have ghost recon breakpoint booted up right now with my buddy and we are on completely opposite sides of the large -Yoink!- map of Aurora with my own custom character. Meanwhile a newer game Like Halo Infinite I can’t be more than 1000fy away from other players… What kind of old -Yoink!- tech is 343 using where something as simple as an open world is hard for them. Like Ubisoft builds open world Co op expereince in their sleep meanwhile 343 struggled just to get a half baked semi open world out


A Seperated Thing like a hybrid version of Spartan Ops and firefigh with nerratove custscenes for our Multiplayer Spartan would be a good idea but honestly I don’t think 343 is a capable developer to pull off that unless they had maybe 4 yrs just to build that given how under funded and understaffed they seem to be

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From what I understand it looks like they did clones for 2 reasons

  1. So people wouldn’t argue about who would be chief
  2. There isn’t really a fireteam leader/host player anymore. So there is no way to make a dedicated “player 2” slot.
    I don’t like it, but it makes sense I guess.

343s ambitions are obviously way bigger than they can stomach. They’re been a studio for a decade and they’ve built games across a huge range of styles (mobile, arcade, RTS, FPS, and now open world FPS) is it any wonder that they haven’t mastered anything? Sure, they’ve got breadth now, but everything has been so shallow compared to studios that know what they are good at and sticking to it.

They created a new engine but not really.

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woah new achievements, the most thing i like is the mission replay, and i really hope we will get able to use our own spartans in the zeta world in the future, and weapons

I’m surprised we’re getting mission replay in the flight. I wasn’t expecting that until much later.

I take umbrage with this mentality. This is how little things kept getting swept away from the community until we’re left with a shell that’s only comprised of what’s “necessary” to enjoy the game. Fan service is not something to be eschewed, it’s something to be embraced for good marketing. Did Halo 3 need to let you play as separate characters? No, but it did, and it was awesome and memorable. Did Halo Reach need to let you play as your multiplayer Spartan, instead of a grey-clad Default Spartan that is the canon image of Noble Six? No, but it did. And it was awesome and memorable.

This is why this news is so disappointing - sure, 343 probably has some excuse on the surface instead of the actual reason (Halo Infinite is made out of cardboard spaghetti), but it’s still disappointing nonetheless even if it was never officially on the table.