So 343i knows:No in-game ranks= NO ONE CARES!

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Dear 343i and Mr. Josh,

You want some more feedback Mr. Josh, Bravo, the rest of the crew on this run away train to the land of dead online fps, I’ll give it to you.

You probably won’t read this, but I don’t care, on the off chance that you do, I’m going to make it abundantly clear that this CSR isn’t going to do anything for the game because apparently, YOU STILL DO NOT GET IT. And remember, this is all out of love for real Halo, that’s halo ce, halo 2, and halo 3 for all the homeboys slaving away on H5 in the bowels of 343 industries.

Your population peaked at 31K today, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET THAT SINK IN. At some point, you have to stop the self denial and realize that your game doesn’t have small problems, it’s about 10 huge problems and feels NOTHING like Halo (what your core fans LOVE in the series).

The CSR isn’t going to do anything because it’s not IN-GAME Motivation is what drives capitalism and what drove you devs to want to be badass programmers and or graphic designers and get to work at 343i and design cool games. So WHY DID YOU REMOVE IT FROM HALO??
–The casual player doesn’t want to have to go through any extra steps like checking his rank on waypoint
–The casual player actually cared about their rank in previous halos whether they would even admit it because it was in-game and it kept them striving for a goal
–Competitive players have to have in-game rank, no matter what. No more discussion needed there
–In game rank could have stopped the bleeding on the population

Most importantly, the casual player still playing halo 4 will read this once when he updates his hd and then will never even think about it again. It is a complete waste of time to have this on waypoint, why not just ACTUALLY DO IT???

For all the guys that don’t care about having in game ranks, then you shouldn’t care if they are in-game.

Just remember, you guys killed halo. You guys crushed the hobby of the probably a few hundred thousand gamers by adding sprint, ordinances, AA’s, flinch, removing in-game ranks, gigantic maps, and throwing a horrible UI on top to ice the Halo -Yoink- cake.

Thanks a bunch 343i, I’m really glad you took the time to understand what Halo players actually wanted in a game and didn’t take a selfish route to sell out and become a call of duty wannabe franchise. YOU. HAD. A. FORMULA. YOU. HAD. A. FORMULA. Why did you have to ruin it? :frowning:

I couldn’t have said it any more beautifully. This feels like a conspiracy. We can all see by reading almost any post on these forums that many things are wrong with Halo 4 multiplayer. Somehow 343 is not getting the message. I bet Halo Reach has more people playing it right now than Halo 4. That says a lot when Reach has been out for 2 years longer than 4. Reach had its own issues but at least I didn’t have to worry about my enemy getting an extremely generous and random weapons drop when I get offered plasma grenades. 343 claims the community wants a less competitive game, well apparently thats only about 30,000 people because that’s all that are playing a game that is only 5 months old. This is your chance to make Halo 5 amazing. We are telling you what we want you just have to listen and read the black and white. And stop trying to not be like Bungie. We want more of what Bungie gave us. Don’t forget your roots. 343 is trying too hard to become independent and original. Guess what? You were created to continue what Bungie started, not to ruin it.