So 343, how configurable is the TU?

Well ever since the TU was released, every time they add the TU settings to a playlist, they ALWAYS have EVERYTHING that was released in the TU including 85% Bloom.

It has been asked many times since it was implemented on October 4th, how configurable are the TU settings 343?

Can you have remove bleedthrough and keep just the Armour Lock nerf?
Can you have Armour Lock nerf, Camo nerf, Zero Bloom and keep Sword Block?

In a nutshell, can you remove certain aspects from the TU settings or is it stuck together a ‘package’?

If you can separate it, why not put the TU Beta playlist back into proper use and try different configurations of the TU settings like a popular demand, remove bleedthrough from the TU settings while keeping everything else.

Then implement things were seen fit in other Vanilla Playlists.

I think i keep hearing that it all comes as one big atrocious package, but that could be wrong.

yea these questions are asked alot but reaches days are passing and 4’s are coming. so idont really worry about tu anymore