SNK Custom Game Night!!!!!!! Much fun lol

SNK will be hosting Custom Game Night every Monday, Wednesday and Froday at 6:00 pm est - 11pm est.

Everyone is welcome. All clans are welcome to come play, share maps and have fun!

Trouble Makers WILL** be removed from the lobby, as well as those who break maps EI: get outta bounds, or just ruin the fun game type.

Anyway the Shingeki No Kyojin Clan/Community welcomes you! :smiley: Come Play and have some FUN!!!

We’ll see ya tonight!

Also I forgot to mention that the game nights are on Halo: Reach, not Halo 4.

You can ad me as a friend and any time at or after 6pm on Monday, Wednesday or Friday you can join my lobby and game night will be on! Or you can message me and I can put you on my Invite list so when I start the game nights I can just invite you/let you know they’re starting.

Also if you have any good fun game types put them on your file share so I can download em! Thanks!