Snipers? Where have they gone?

So… where did it go?

did they replace it with Throwback?

Rotational Playlist. Snipers, SWAT and Throwback are rotational - they, along with other playlists, will be swapped out weekly.

SWAT has stayed due to popularity.

It was taken out for not having enough players. Even though it had the 4th most players. Gametypes that take the most skill will always have a lot less players than the others. But i guarantee once MLG is added it wont be removed even though it will have far less people playing.

why don’t they just add all of the three in and grifball then slowly add some more as the game gets older because its very annoying only having my favorite game mode available for a week


We’re still here, we just don’t have a playlist anymore or at least for the time being anyway.