Snipers shouldn't be anti-vehicle

At most the sniper should penetrate glass/canopies so that it requires actual precision.

And no it doesn’t matter that its an aNti MATErIaL rIFle, gameplay comes first. There is no reason that the sniper should be ruining vehicles like it has since Reach.

There is nothing any vehicle driver can do to avoid getting hit with a sniper rifle short of being out of line of sight. There is no possibility of avoiding it like you might with a rocket or grenade there is no skill component involved for either player. If you are in a vehicle and you are targeted by a sniper there is nothing you can do about it and as the sniper there is nothing compelling about clicking on the broad side of a barn.

This is why the chip damage system for vehicles that has ruined vehicle combat since Reach is complete trash. It encourages incredibly passive, campy vehicle gameplay when when basic high velocity/hitscan weapons can shred your vehicle. The only “counterplay” you have to those weapons is exposing yourself as little as possible.

Just bring back the Halo 2/3 vehicle system so we can have good vehicle combat again.

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No one said this so i will. Antimaterial rounds for snipers weren’t used until Halo Reach. So from Reach on the sniper has been more effective against vehicles and in CE-3 it wasn’t. Personally i find it more realistic that a round the size of the one used by the sniper is anti vehicle because modern .50 cal snipers are used as anti vehicle weapons often. So it helps with realism and makes it better than just an anti infantry weapon.

Halo 2 and Halo 3 had very different vehicles systems though. In H2, a vehicle will never explode, as long as the player health never reaches 0. It doesn’t matter how broken or flaming the vehicle is. In H3 the systems are set so player vehicles have independent health, and can be destroyed when a player still has shield/health left. This leads to similar gameplay, but different timelines that for vehicles being active on the battlefield (H3 having shorter potential vehicle times overall).

At Infinite’s launch, I thought the vehicle chip system was pretty inconsequential. But as more time has gone on I kind of like it. When I only have an AR I’ve started aiming at tires as hogs drive by, and I’ve found it noticeably effective in the long-term fight against that hog. It’s kind of like they gave vehicles a headshot spot.

Since I’ve found out some vehicles (probably all) have a health regen system to some degree, my survivability as a vehicle driver has gone up, so I’d recommend utilizing that when you’re in vehicle. I’ve found most of my driving tactics from H3 and H5 work well.

I think the only time a sniper has a guaranteed kill against a vehicle, is when that sniper is taking their opening shots and the other team isn’t aware of their position yet. I would claim this is an appropriate time for a snippet to be guaranteed a kill. I’d the sniper were shooting a targeting players and not vehicles, they would also likely land a few kills with their opening salvo and unknown position.

Once a vehicle knows where a sniper is and, as you’ve pointed out, has managed to break line of site then I’ve found being aggressive against snipers isn’t guaranteed death. It can be difficult for a hog duo to do it effectively if the gunner and driver don’t both understand the sniper is the target though. Which is pretty often with where Infinite’s general social communication is.

You are getting Halo 3 mixed up with Reach. Halo 3 vehicles function more or less as you described Halo 2, only vehicles in Halo 3 are even more durable than they were in 2. Thanks for playing.

The chip damage is the system we’ve had from Reach onward which is the "separate player/vehicle health system you mistakenly applied to Halo 3. Any minor health regen with the chip damage system change the fact that destroying vehicles has become a matter of attrition.

The fundamental problem is that poked to death by high velocity small arms or chunked by snipers with next to no effort being required by the shooter does not create compelling vehicle encounters.

It really doesn’t matter if the sniper is not able to immediately kill you outright, its the fact that they can do serious damage without the driver being able to respond unless they already happen to be on top of the sniper.

I have no idea why people seem to think “well its not a guaranteed death, so its fine” to justify poor design and a balance and I’m not just talking about snipers but I digress.

The fact that Infinite adds location based damage on top of the chip damage system makes things even worse. What we are left with is some of the worst(if not the worst) handling vehicles in franchise history that can be damaged to the point they handle even worse and still have all the same flaws that have plagued vehicles since 2010.

I never knew the sniper dedtroyed vehicles like that! And I agree, sniper rounds shouldn’t explode a vehicle in 3 bullets. That doesn’t make any sense when thinking about sniper rifles in other Halo games or real life.

Skewer theoreticall should blow up a vehicle in one dhot, but that one usually takes me 3 direct hits to kill a vehicle.

I agree with Cindershot to a degree. It usually makes smaller vehicles roller over instead of blow up, but that’s probably all it needs to do. It takes a ton of shots to end a tank.
Skewer is terribly inconsistent, and people die after not killing a vehicle in one ahot.
Rocket is good, but I wish it had lock-on.
Grapple is good.
Electric guns are good but never seem to be enough to even make someone leave a vehicle before it gets power back.
I’ve never seen anyone take out a vehicle with the Heatwave or Ravager.
Gravity hammer is good if you don’t mind sacrificing your body for the cause. You will die when the vehicle explodes from your impact.
Grenades don’t kill vehicles which is really dumb. They only recently made it so planting a grenade on a Wraith kills the driver (the fact that it didn’t before is stupid). Now sticky grenades only kill drivers, but maybe that’s all you really want?

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There is only the Sniper Rifle S7 when you want take down a banshee or a wasp on your own. Halo 5 had Laser, Rocket Launcher with lock-on, hydra with emp. All weapons that gave you the chance to take down a Wasp or Banshee

Almost everything requires a ton of shots to end a tank. It’s a tank. Based on anecdotal experience tanks tend to be dealt with via boarding. Whether this is good or bad, I don’t know.

Inconsistent in what way? The Skewer is more of a short/mid range Sniper, if this can be considered a real thing. Hitting longer range shots tends to require catching the target with their pants down. I find this weapon is a little iffy with hitreg too. Even so, it remains a strong option vs vehicles.

In terms of dying after one shot… If you miss swap to another weapon or break LoS while reloading. I’d think this would go without saying given it’s a single shot weapon with a long reload.

Hmm, it happens routinely in my experience. Vehicles get disabled and jacked. Disabled and stuck with Plasma/Spike grenades. Disabled and swamped by many players. In the case of Ghosts and Hogs disabled and the driver/gunner get sniped.

It’s not as common for the Heatwave because many don’t seem to recognize the value of Hardlight weapons against vehicles (applies to the Sentinel Beam too). It does a number on Hogs and Ghosts in particular.

The Ravager is generally underwhelming across the board. It’s surprisingly okay if you can land entire bursts with it though. It’s not ideal and takes a lot of shots but can deal with ground vehicles in a pinch. With the possible exception of tanks because… they’re tanky.

You can die, yes. The Gravity Hammer kind of has absurd range on it though (too much, IMO…). It’s best to leverage it.

They do if you land enough of them. It’s not as if killing the driver, gunner, etc. is without value either. Disabling the vehicle from being a problem is the ultimate goal. Getting a stick is one way to do so.

In any case, overall BTB seems to be all over the place in terms of vehicle impact. In some games it’s like nobody knows how to handle them. In others they’re far less intimidating because all players actually understand how to handle them and do so. Although, it is a “social” mode. So this is to be expected.

No, I’m not going to hear you out. That’s a dumb suggestion.

If the rounds were hitting vital parts of the vehicle, then I agree that it should do decent damage. However, in Halo Infinite it shreds vehicles no matter where you hit them.

The Sniper should only really deal good chunks of damage when the player hits precise shots on weak points. This makes vehicles more viable, and also raises the skill ceiling for the Sniper.

Fair ish, but do consider how many vital parts there are in a vehicle.

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So you won’t read the suggestion because you think it’s a dumb suggestion…
How do you know it’s a dumb suggestion if you’re not even willing to read it?

Why is it dumb? Will you provide any reasons for this?

Multiple people on this forum have made incredibly interesting points and added to the subject. If you don’t wish to add anything, then you don’t try to put others down.

It’s interesting that you mention that actually.

In World War 2, when trying to improve the designs of planes they found that there were areas of the planes which had tons of bullet holes. Initially they planned on fortifying these areas, until they realised that the planes with holes in these areas came back, whilst planes which weren’t shot in certain areas didn’t come back.

My point really is this. There would be areas on vehicles which weren’t critical. If I shoot the windshield of a Warthog with 20 sniper rounds, the Warthog would still be operational, however in Infinite it would explode in 4 or 5 shots. (Not saying the Warthog should take 20 shots, it’s an exaggeration for my point)

A few well placed shots in the engine or on a wheel however could take out the hog, however they should be well placed shots.


Regular Warthog with a skilled driver
Rocket Hog
Rocket Launcher
Grapple-Shot boarding
Stalker Rifle
A well thrown Dynamo Grenade

You can fight aircraft just fine in Infinite without the S7 Sniper.

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Sentinel beam and heatwave are good in a pinch :grinning:.

I’m pretty sure they can kill the driver of a tank without destroying the tank too

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I cannot wait until the Gauss Hog gets added to the game.
Because I remember back in the Reach days when I was on the gunner seat, I could eternally cripple the enemy tanks in BTB by Gauss-Shotting their main gun, causing the Tank to just be an over-armored slow Warthog with just two seats.

I hope Infinite keeps that consistent!


Oh, I remember this so well!

I used to love going in the Halo Reach Gauss hog. Just being driven around in heavies, doing a drive by of the enemies base and nabbing a Overkill, only to fly over a hill and see a tank aiming right at us. Ah… good times…


Except for the Flood.
They detailed how the sniper rounds were ineffective at combatting the Flood by doing minimal damage to their internals as the bullet essentially penetrated into a liquid substance that filled their torsoes.

This here, Halo has had critical points in vehicles beforehand. Look at the Wraith in H3, you can demolish the thing by hand by boarding the back and hitting the fusion core.