Snipers on Empire.

I’m assuming its just the week 1 weapon set for Empire, but as it stands there is way to many snipers on this map. Its impossible to have power weapon control when there could potentially be 4 snipers in play. The re-spawn times are way too high. This map is so close to being fun and perfect but the 2 snipers simply break it. 1 sniper would be a sweet spot for this map, mix it up with a counter power weapon on closed side and make its respawn time offset. Whats the point of having indicators for the respawn of weapons so to drive combat and focus to that area if they both come up at same time. This only splits combat and resets the civil war style play of we have a sniper on this side and they have one on that side. This only forces the “Who’s going to screw up and pop their head out first?” /Just my two cents.


That was one of my complaints about the map too.