Snipers Mode Vs. Beam Rifle Mode

The Halo War Games Playlists has a mode entitled “Snipers.” There currently exists a sub-mode within the “Team Action Sack” mode that is entitled “Binary Snipers Mode.” According to my survey (see address below), more individuals prefer the Beam Rifle versus the Sniper Rifle or the Binary Rifle. Do you think a whole respective mode should be dedicated to usage of the Beam Rifle?

I wouldn’t mind it once they’ve toned down the aim assist on the beam rifle.

The reason so many would rather have a Beam Rifle in their hands than a Sniper is because it’s really powerful.

A team Beam Rifles mode wouldn’t be that good, as the aim assist would make it less skill-based, than Team Snipers’ “I saw you first, I win” gameplay already is.

If it had less aim assist, then yes.

Also, this could potentially be locked because of that Romney comment in the poll. You aren’t supposed to talk about politics.

I don’t think a Beam Rifle mode would be a good idea. Then again I wouldn’t be effected by it since I quit Halo 4’s Team Snipers due to the annoying flinch.

I would vote, but I find your options somewhat offensive, especially the “maybe” option. Come on, respect people of all political groups, this is Halo, not the USA presidential elections.

Beam rifle you can fire every second or second and a half, ish, over and over. It has an advantage over the Sniper because of this. HOWEVER, it’s zoomed in view has a bright color to it which hurts the eyes a bit more than the Sniper and pretty much evens out because of this. These two are well balanced because of this. I believe the aim assist is equal between these two. Binary rifle should not be in “Team Snipers” etc because of the one shot kill.

Aim assist on the beam rifle? please elaborate

oh and ya why not if it is not replacing any other mode of course. I don’t see any harm in having it even if everyone doesn’t like it.
they don’t have to play it if they don’t like it.