Sniper rifle on LNoS

Any avid Campaign players know any spots in the LNoS launch facility where one could find a sniper rifle? Thought it’d be sick to take out those nasty rangers in the space section with a sniper. Got a sniper from one of the marines, looking for more ammo.

From memory the only sniper rifle you may get will be when you return to the hanger bay the second time to meet up with Jorge after you have set the corvette on its refuelling course. You will find one in the weapons dropped next to the space door shield to exit the hanger at the rear of the pelican. Next to the rocket launcher

I cannot remember if one of the marines at the begining of the level has one before you enter the launch facility.

if you want to deal with those pesky rangers when you first land and go into the hanger room their is a box of needler rifles at the top of the first ramp on your left when you walk in the door. they are very handy.