Sniper Rifle Confirmed?

Just noticed this. (So sorry if this is old guys)

In the “Making of Halo 4” ViDoc, if you pause the video at 2:10, you can see a SPARTAN holding a weapon with a long barrel on the computer screen behind the English guy.

I THINK it is the Halo 4 Chief, but I could be wrong. Could just be a random screen saver or something haha.

What do you guys think?

I Noticed that also, obv the sniper will be in the game but im not sure if that was a sniper or some type of carbine (wasnt a clear image).

Im sure it will be H4, if its not I’m not buying…

Kidding ^

Maybe, but was the Sniper Rifle ever in doubt? It was always going to be in. It’s great if it’s confirmed, though, it puts my slight paranoia to rest.