Sniper Perch on Raid on Apex 7

Hello- I’m hoping you can help me out… While playing Warzone on Raid on Apex 7, there is a sniper bunker/perch across from the Spire. I was getting mauled from a guy and his light rifle over there. I went into the caves to locate a passage way or how to get up there, but didn’t find any. Can you explain how to get there?

Thanks and I’ll see you in the battle.

From inside your home base. Above where the vehicle spawns, or, if you are coming out of the room with the core, jump up onto the ledge in the back.

Its only accessible from the player’s home base and is known by me and my friends the noobiest sniper position in the entire map. The shield wall lets you move in and out of it right as you take the shot to then retreat back inside the shield wall of your base.

343i needs to address this issue as it would be more than acceptable to allow bullets to pass through but not let physical entities pass through. I should never be able to hard-scope the spire, poke out, get a headshot and then go back into hiding as I begin to line up for my next shot through a transparent wall that can’t be shot through.

Thanks for the information. I agree that it is one of the noobiest places on the map. When an enemy is picking you off, you want to find him and kill him… and do the same to him. It’s all in the good game of kill and be killed… Blue vs Red… I second your suggestion to make it off limits or to make it a little more “open”

The spire is one of the most camping spots I’ve seen in my life but if u got a sniper your lucky but if they got snipers don’t exit your armory and camp with your mighty smg

Plus, the red snipers have an advantage, as the red sniper bunker has a direct line of sight with either the spire and the east armory, allowing to get easy kills on both the people on top of the spire and the people coming out of the armory. It can also be used to gain faster access to the armory for sneak attacks.

you can jump up into them from outside. on the Left side (moving toward enemy base) is an open door. just jump off of nearby rocks or trees.