Sniper not satisfying

Is it me or is the sniper not satisfying to shoot? Even annoying. When I compare it to the cs awp, or cod kar98 there is a huge difference in satisfaction. I think its because 1. the crosshair looks stupid (I know it has always been that way*) and 2. it doesnt unscope when you shoot.

*in general all halo crosshairs look childish, not “clean”.

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I don’t think this post describes why it isn’t satisfying, instead saying it isn’t. Can you elaborate?

It doesn’t feel any less satisfying. I just accept that I suck at it. :wink:

My kids, however, are very solid with it. They lament that you can’t flick shot people as easily as Halo 5. But overall they seem to like it.

And lots of people have complained that it is not as easy to use from the hip.

I’m not sure why it would unscope after you shoot. Especially from my point of view where I rarely nail anyone with the first shot. :slight_smile:

Haven’t paid any attention to the what the cross hairs actually look like. Usually too panicked trying to actually find who I am shooting at.

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Tell me you are a PC player without telling me you are a PC player. OP went first.

Probably because since it is a semi-auto sniper-rifle, you don’t have to see your character chamber another round.

The sniper in Infinite feels very bad to use. It feels like there is a noticeable delay from when you pull the trigger to when it gun fires.


I feel like there is a slight delay when pulling the trigger.


The problem I see with it is that most players don’t even zoom in with it and instead use it as a support weapon to no-scope body then swap to BR or other weapon. It used to be a Power weapon that you used as a primary at most ranges. Seems it’s more of a support weapon where you run and gun with it rather than hold a position… and that might be why it’s not as satisfying too. (plus, with bloom and all that)


I haven’t really noticed anything particularly bad about the Sniper Rifle. I like the look, sound, and the overall handling seems fine to me when I’m playing on my Series X. I’m no master with it but I’ve been able to get headshots with it alright.

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you haven’t noticed the shots are delayed from when you press fire compared to older halo games?

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If they are then I guess I’m just not being attentive enough to care too much about it.

Can’t really say that I have.
My controller has hair-triggers though, on account of my jank knuckles.

Sniper feels like garbage on KBM, because of anti-aim assist, feels like it has a firing delay, and aims like garbage when scoped in. I just use it as a no scope precision weapon like BR and Mangler, or as a quick melee assist kill up close if necessary. Doesn’t feel like past Halo snipers.


All weapons are sluggish, so I don’t think that’s specific to only the Sniper. But, I agree, it doesn’t feel smooth. Tweaks like faster reload, weapon swapping, and time delay between next shot would likely improve it.

You don’t know what your talking about eh!

Have you tried getting a headshot with it? Super satisfying.

Probably bc it lights up with a glare the size of a sun. You zoom in for more than a moment and everyone knows where you are and so most people try to engage right away. It basically make you a magnet. Stealth is pretty much gone with power weapons now


The glare is absurd. With all the sniper weapons you literally cannot even see the opponent. The glare needs to be reduced to the BR level glint and the BR/commando glint needs to go away completely.

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thats actually it. I thought about it, but then naa, this cant be true, who on earth would put a delay on - in my mind: NOBODY.

A lot of this has more to do with the overall weapon design in Halo. You aren’t really meant to rely on the scope during a fight, unless you are shooting them from so far out of their range that it isn’t even a fight.

343 has been halfheartedly trying to change this ever since H4, I guess because they don’t know what to do other than follow the general shooter trend on scope/hipfire, but every time they try something it upsets people and they reset that and try something else. Hopefully we don’t have to wait for infinite to die before they revert this latest edition of imprecise precision weapons.