sniper glitch

not exactly complaining here because it does make me seem more skilled with the sniper rifle, but it seems even body kills with the sniper rifle give you a snipe medal.

Did you record it for further investigation? I’d like to see this.

well it has happened in every single match i’ve been in so i figure it should be a gamewide issue that should be relatively well-known. i’m pretty awful at the game DVR so it may take a few tries but i’ll see about recording it. oh btw this is halo 2 classic i’m talking about

Yeah it does this for me too.

Not a glitch that’s how it was in halo 2 original so they probably wanted to keep it the same

i don’t recall it happening like that in the original halo 2. might be an intermittent problem in the halo 2 vista port but i really don’t remember it being like this in the xbox version. mind might be going away tho

had to sacrifice being AFK from the rest of the match to upload/render this unfortunately but here it is