Sniper/BR Glint is wall hacks

I’ve played this game enough to notice on a ton of occasions I can spot the Glint around an edge of a surface before I even see the enemy spartan. Especially if they’re standing still it makes it so obvious someone’s right around the corner giving me an unfair advantage, and if it’s giving me an unfair advantage it’s giving them an unfair advantage against me when the roles are reversed.

Glint needs to be nerfed a lot. It makes sense it Battlefield because their maps are so big to accommodate 64vs64/128vs128. But in 12v12? Eh??? Just seems like copying a feature for the hell of it. Didn’t like it 5, and I absolutely despise it in Infinite.

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It lets you see targets through solid objects that you normally cannot see through? What?

Anyone can see the glint around corners way before you’re supposed to giving you a heads up an enemy is right there.

I’m not following the train of thought here. Why would someone ADS right when they’re about to peak a corner?

Considering I never “stand still” during a match I have not noticed this once. And to be honest I don’t really think it provides that much of an advantage.

I would rather see 343 focus on fixing desync and building a proper anti-cheat that also address modded controllers. Since no de-scope is already a cheat anyway.

I dont mine the glint idea but is needs to be MUCH less bright. Right now its way too bright. It should still take some skill or team coordination to call out a snipers location.