sniper advice

I really want to be a pro with snipers, but my accuracy is only 28.2. I have a KDA of -3.6, with 24 kills and 44 deaths. It would be great if I got advice for snipers so that I can have more kills than deaths and have accuracy above 50.0.

I like to think of myself as a crackshot with the sniper. (For you to decide really).

I usually keep my reticule trained on very popular spots and if I am level with the location I keep it trained at about the height of Spartan (so I just have to move the reticule horizontal for head shots). The halo 5 sniper has a decent amount of bullet magnetism (less than H4 for sure), so do your best to aim for the head and the sniper does the rest of the work for you.

Don’t get to trigger happy, if you miss a couple of shots no worries just take your time for the next shot. Also try not to stay scoped for too long, otherwise players will catch the sniper glare, and eventually someone will sneak up on you.

Also another effective tactic is shooting where the players are running, in most cases they will continue to run into the shot. When you are first starting out sniping try to aim for center mass, it takes 2 shots withe the sniper rifle but as your skills increase it will be easier to aim for the head.

When sniping, try not to stay in one spot for too long. After a few (missed) shots, relocate to a different spot every now and then to avoid being swarmed.

If you’re walking around with your sniper equipped, keep the crosshair around chest / head level should you run into someone. This will improve your chances of getting that one shot onto them.

There are a few ways of killing someone with the sniper. These are the most efficient methods:

  • A headshot (scoped or unscoped) - 2 body shots - 1 body shot + melee (Snipunch)

Certain controller layouts are better than other for sniping imo. LT > RS.

I say this because you and quickscope, and there’s no need to “Y-Y” or zoom in twice to de-scope. I recommend Helljumper And if you don’t like part of Helljumper you can mess around with the button mapping feature on xbox itself. Good luck.

Snipers are not like battle rifles to not drag your shot you must be on target

idk what type of screen you play on, and it certainly comes down to preference, but a gaming monitor helped me a lot with accuracy.

Tactically speaking, I think others covered it well. Don’t stay scoped in. Don’t stay in the same spot. Practice getting that reticle at head level while you are not scoped. Don’t get panicky when someone closes in on you.

Most of it is practice with aiming your shots if you keep practicing the rest will fall in place. To do that you just use it whenever you can. It doesn’t have to be arena or warzone. You can play custom games like duck hunt and open season stuff like that to help you. Back on reach when I wanted to get better at no scope I would go to custom firefight on corvette and have bottomless clip sniper and just no scope elites untill I got better. With scoping I played a lot of customs and matchmaking and over time I got better. I’m not saying im the most skilled but I’m pretty good I’d say

Don’t take shots you don’t think you can hit. If they are going across doorways or there are other obstructions in the way, don’t go for it. Try and snipe players who are in more open areas until you become more adept with the sniper. And until you become good with the sniper, don’t focus too long on people who are in combat, people who are fighting tend to move more unpredictably, which will make it hard to land a shot on them. And don’t always try for the headshot, sometimes it is easier to just go fir the body shot if you can. It’s also nice to lead your shots and to be sure that you’ll hit them before pulling the trigger. (I know it’-Yoink!--scan, but it is still a good strategy to be effective.)

Once you become an adept sniper, you can take some of those crack shots on players who are running around in obscene areas.

I find it extremely difficult to aim whenever I’m not scoped in and there’s an enemy in my sights, so I suck at getting snapshot medals. Even with the nornfang I can’t aim whenever I’m not zoomed in.

the best way to snipe is the think before you fire. Dont shoot when you want to shoot when you need to.
here is how it works for me

The best advice I can give is aim for body shots and then clean them up with your pistol. Once you’re more comfortable with the sniper the head shots come naturally.
Also, aim with the left stick rather than the right stick just use the right stick for small adjustments.

For me, I just watched some LukeThe Notable or Proximity sniper tips and I’m locked with that sniper!

I’ll gladly help you practice if you wish.

> 2535407994360276;13:
> For me, I just watched some LukeThe Notable or Proximity sniper tips and I’m locked with that sniper!
> I’ll gladly help you practice if you wish.

that would be good if you could help me.

In warren a good combo is sniper plus Dmr, you can clean up kills with the DMR. also on some warren maps you can exploit glitches, but prepare to get a lot of hate messages, I tried them once and got 5 different hate messages. I don’t recommend that.

One method that works for me is to play Super Fiesta using sniper weapons when you can, the pressure from different players with different weapons force you to become more accurate, less likely to panic, and take more shots.

I do not enjoy snipers and don’t plan on being a good sniper but these are good tips I must say

Just keep your crosshair at head level and master the “whip!”

Also, force long sight-lines from protected angles… if you’re standing at Cinema in Plaza trying to snipe Light Rifle/Tram window, make sure you’re moved out of view from Cafe/Cafe Ramp. Protect yourself. Take yourself out of play for wandering enemies…

This really goes for all precision weapon battles and locking down a set-up as well.

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> > 2535407994360276;13:
> > For me, I just watched some LukeThe Notable or Proximity sniper tips and I’m locked with that sniper!
> >
> > I’ll gladly help you practice if you wish.
> that would be good if you could help me.

Got a mic?

Controller sensitivity. For me, that helps. And turn off vibrate.