Snikerdoodle is a baby?

Curious as to why when I post something good about a game I get blocked? Hmmmmm…

This isn’t constructive is it? You can still edit the text out if this and save yourself a ban.

lol I’ll take the ban

Due to the nature of this post I guarantee she’ll be here herself.

in b4 lock. Because your topic is nothing constructive, nothing to matter of discussion.

Not that I didn’t agree with what you said, but this is not the topic we need on these forum. Sorry mate!

Yes, curious why you get blocked huh? Well I (sarcasm) really don’t see why, maybe it was something you said?

Really? You made a thread complaining about people complaining. Which makes you a complainer. And now you’re complaining about me locking said thread about you complaining. The irony is real.

Me, rn, because I can’t even.