Snap it!

In Halo 4 I would love to see some sort of ‘snapping’ utility. So that walls can snap together perfectly without any effort! That would be great =)…opinions?

Yes a “Snap To” Function would be a nice addition.

An object-to-object snapping function would be a good idea. What snap points do you think would work, OP? Snapping the corner of a held item to the corner of a placed item? (Could prove tricky if they implement round objects.)

If there are several items placed in close proximity and you wish to snap to a specific one, then having the game trying to “guess” which object to snap to could produce complications… Perhaps it could be implemented so that you “highlight” one object, highlight another, and then you can move the first and snap any of its corners to any corner of the second highlighted object.

The could be an option called magnetism where: when getting two objects close together they would be attracted to each other at the perfect angle.

Options for magnetism could be:

-only attract like objects
-attract all objects
-attract no objects

So essentially, setting the snap function to filter based on object type, i.e. “only snap this Tower, Tall to other Tower, Talls”. That’s a neat idea and could help when a lot of objects are merged in one place.

A snap toll seems kinda unnecessary,and just wouldn’t work with round pieces. My main want is a copy/paste tool that allows you to replicate a structure exactly with little work needed.

A snap feature would be nice, would make placing objects faster and easier, although there could be problems while trying to snap certain objects together

a highlight feature would be nice too, so you can move/rotate a number of objects at once, instead of one at a time