Anyone else already buying snacks and supplies, because they don’t think they are going to leave their 360 for over five months post this games release? What snacks? HOW MUCH SNACKS??? … What other supplies?

I’ll that guy that has someone bring me most of my food lol.

Already stocking up on a month’s worth of Mountain Dew and Doritos.

My body is ready.

Yeah I already got all these chips and s–HNNNNNNGGGGG!!!

Ya for filling your body with nutrient deficient molecules and washing it down with calcium depleting beverages!!!
MMmmmmm calcium depleting beverages.

Does Subway deliver? Best way I can think of to eat fresh and not die too young.
Mmmmm footlong steak & cheese with bacon… -Yoink- it, die young but not brittle.

I’ll definitely be bringing in tons of snacks and drinks. Here are just a few to name: chips ahoy, pepsi, mountain dew, pizza, etc…

The fridge in my room is stuffed full of stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whatever has the Halo 4 Logo on it.

Ho-Hos are going to be my “go to” snack this gaming season. For drinks, I’m considering either Mountain Dew or Vanilla Coke. If Mountain Dew re-releases the Halo 3 flavor, you can bet your boot that I’ll be purchasing dozens of them.

Ughh how can u guys eat chips while gaming? I hate it when my fingers get all greasy and salty and my controller feels nasty… Don’t get me wrong, I love chips but I don’t eat them while gaming.

i dont move back into my dorm til sept 13 but when i do ill be storing food in every nook and cranny

I’m going to have a glass of water

I’ll be stacking up on thin air.

I don’t eat that much junk food anymore, for health reasons… So I’ll have some Fresca and maybe a salad… How lame of me!

I got no time to eat, too busy shooting some aliens.