Smoke Weed Every Day - is reqruiting! all welcome!

Join up for your free req pack and also if you smoke… under your gamertag it will say .

  • YourGamertag… - Smoke Weed Every DayAll welcome to join. Look us up! Thanks for your time

any way we can keep it on the down low

Of course ill inv u

wheres my smokers at. Me and coleader are competetive players as are my other friends joining soon too so were not just some garbage potheads btw people :wink: lol. We bust heads. Join and see




im interested i would like to get competitive

I invited you. KooopuH is me the leader of clan by the way. Where my potheads at?! click to go to clan page Smoke Weed Every Day !!! All welcome!

Can’t wait to get some games in tonight!

sorry bout that