Is it safe to say that after watching the Halo 4 weapons video that the SMG will not be in Halo 4. I loved the little weapon in Halo 3 with or without dual-weilding, it was my second choice right after the BR. I really do love how the weapons are looking though, and the new weapon the SAW and the Rail-gun look crazy powerful. Any of you guys feel the same?

I really think the SMG would have been redundant since we already have weapons like the AR.

It looks as if the SAW is like duel wielded SMGs from the old games anyway.

I can see that since so far dual-weilding is not in the game, It was just kinda more fun than the AR in my opinion.

I’d have to agree with Ev1D3m0n. The SMG is a cool gun brah, but in thinking of the sandbox as a whole it will seem rather redundant. So far Halo 4 has three fully automatic weapons (correct me if I’m wrong). The Storm Rifle, Assault Rifle, and newly confirmed SAW (not sure if it’s the assault carbine…), but don’t worry I’m sure Halo 4 will have a weapon to fill your SMG -Yoink!- :slight_smile:

haha I really hope so IzziSparks, the SAW looks pretty fun :).

Man the small segment of gameplay we saw looked as if it shreds opponents in the quickness! Scary automatic weapon I feel, which is good, but as they’ve described in the bulletin. You better make your shots count, especially with such a shallow clip.

As much as I would have wanted every weapon from the arsenals of Halos past to appear in this game, something like that was definitely not going to happen. Think about all of the work that would have to be put into it to balance the whole thing. And even then, so many of the weapons would seem completely redundant.

Besides, we still have the entire Covenant and Forerunner arsenals to go through, there perhaps is a worthy successor to the smg in one of their arsenals. (Preferably as a side arm because without dual-wielding, the SMG is practically trumped by every other weapon).

When I first saw the SAW: I thought it was an automatic shotgun! Was I the only one to think that?! O.o

But an LMG?! AWWWWESOME! :smiley:

Dude the SAW just sounds like a killing machine in it’s name alone. Bet it feels satisfying to kill with, hmm that’s another think Halo 4 seems to be getting right, you actually care about your weapons again.

Its looking bleak, I mean I’m just happy to have another UNSC handheld automatic.

Also its not hard to imagine this being like an improved SMG.

Despite being an LMG, it still has the characteristics of the SMG. Compared to the AR it is still going to have that larger clip and rate of fire but also still be very inaccurate and have recoil plus its shots are going to be weak as hell. For 72 rounds that should be 24 exact or so bullets to kill a fully shielded opponent. Only unlike the AR and SMG this weapon is useful for taking on vehicles up to the size of the warthog. Its no vehicle killer but it can do a good job supporting it. If any machine gun is a vehicle killer, that remains with the machine gun turret.

I only wonder if the poor UNSC pistol is the only secondary weapon from the UNSC, the pistol is going to be all lonely. I mean they never said these were all the UNSC weapons…