Smells fishy

I was going to play a game of team deathmatch in black ops 3 today and I have not found a game, I don’t have the new dlc yet so I don’t know if that affects it, and when I go to play a game of slayer in halo 5 I find one in a few seconds. What’s the problem? Black ops 3 is #1 in most played games on xbox one and halo 5 is at #10 and like I said it was taking forever to find a game kf deathmatch when 57% of players were on it. 57 is a decent amount to find a game but I didn’t. I can find games quick on halo 5 and its at #10. I smell something fishy going on here.

Master chief killed… Jim. Jim is the cod guy in my head.

It’s all a ploy to destroy the cod fish maaaan.

puts on tin foil hat

Your Xbox has developed sentience and refused to play COD.

If you want to talk population, there’s a thread for that.

If you want to talk COD, there’s a site for that.