Hey everyone shortly after Reach was released I started working on a game called Smashball. I had a small little community of friends that loved playing it and I tried to get the game out to the public. I took a long break from Reach and recently found out that on April Fools day did a joke where they turned their website into and said that Smashball was taking over for grifball. I was amazed that they did this and they even made a cool video for Smashball. They held a tournament for Smashball and apparently people loved it. It really gotten me thinking that I should get back into Reach and playing Smashball since so many people liked it.

So here I am trying to get the word out for my game. If you’d like to read about Smashball and download it head over to this forgehub link.

To view the video grifballhub made for smashball go to this youtube video!

If you ever feel like playing Smashball either add my personal GT: A BombInLasagna or add the community players GT: Smashball GTs

I hope you all like the map and game!