Smash Brothers Player/Host Getting back into Halo

Greetings all!

I am MVG | CherubiKnighT. I am a Pro player and host for MVG Leauge. MVG is a production company that sponsors players and host tournaments for smash. I am trying to get back into competitive halo and would like to find people to play with on the highest tier of skill if possible. Looking to practice and play as much as my schedule allows it. I am very rusty and still pretty new to Halo 5. Hope to hear from you all! Make sure you add me on both my accounts.

Twitter: CherubiKnighT
GT: HerKnightKing
2GT: CherubiKnighT

Hope to meet and play with you all soon.

(would hope to have you contact me by my gamertag herknightking or twitter)