Small weapon tweak opinions

The gameplay in Infinite is very fun, but there are some weapons I believe should be change very slightly to make them not feel as overpowered or as underpowered as they currently are.

Hydra - Increase auto-tracking acquisition by 10% and increase the damage when NOT auto-tracking by 10%
Commando - Eliminate the kickback when zoomed in.
Pulse Carbine - 20% better homing (accuracy, possibly the range as well) for it’s projectiles.
Ravager - Increase default damage by 15% and AOE damage by 10%
Energy Sword - Decrease lunge range by 10%
Gravity Hammer - Decrease AOE damage radius by 10%
Plasma Pistol - It’s charged shot should disable vehicles for the same amount of time the Disruptor/Shock Rifle currently do.
Disruptor/Shock Rifle - Should disable vehicles for half as long as they currently do as it’s easier to hit vehicles with these than the plasma pistol.

Also, while not a weapon, the radar range should be increased by 15%. Currently it only helps when they’re right on top of you. It should also no longer show if the enemy is above or below you anymore.