Small Things That I Hope Change...

By now, I’m pretty sure we all saw the multiplayer and Spartan-ops reveal trailer. And I have to say, it looks amazing.
However, I found two things that didn’t really… fit the Halo feel. Keep in mind that these are minor things that I highly feel should be changed before the release of Halo 4.

  1. The Multi-Kill Medals: I’ve been playing Halo for quite some time now and have enjoyed the medals in general of Halo 2 to Halo: Reach. However, in the trailer that was shown yesterday, the medals seemed to be altered in a way that is not very appealing. The multi-kill medals were all the same, a blue circle with white stars (1 more white star for each higher multi-kill you got). The originality of the medals for the past Halo games have really made me a happy gamer, but the medals in Halo 4 look, sad to say, silly and bland. Where’s my colorful medals? I don’t want the medals to all have the same shade of blue, especially the multi-kill medals.

  2. The Announcer: We all recall the absolutely beast of an announcer from the past Halo games. His voice really aroused me in a confusing way. But as I digress, the announcer from Halo 4, seems to not be as interesting. The simple announcing of what I clearly just did, gave me a certain satisfaction that only his voice could.

So please, 343i. Replace these 2 things, with the originality and greatness that was and still is, Halo.

I’m sure Jeff is still announcing for Halo 4.

Which, could possibly mean he’s now a canonical character…