Small problem with the Assault Rifle...

Well I just rewatched the weapon sounds video over and I noticed something odd about the Assault Rifle, it’s not the model before you ask.

The problem is that when you hit 9 bullets or below left in a clip, the Assault Rifle displays simply: 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 instead of 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00 like in Classic Mode.

I have no idea if the Then & Now 2 video was in the Gold Version of Halo Anniversary but I just thought I would point it out, it looks really odd to have it say 0 in the Remodel of the AR and 00 in the classic version.

Has this been fixed for the Gold Version of Anniversary?

Just a note by the way to anyone wanting to request changes for the Campaign, the game has gone gold, it’s to late to change anything.

Lol, like anybody cares about something like that…

> Lol, like anybody cares about something like that…

reads my post, reads who posted it

Looks like someone cares about it.

Yeah I noticed that too. I wouldn’t mind if they left it like that but I’d prefer it if they had the two digit ammo count.

I noticed this. Not a big deal but… I noticed it. Haha.

lolz… guess what? They changed Master Chief’s armor, too! Oh noes!

> lolz… guess what? They changed Master Chief’s armor, too! Oh noes!

Nope, they updated the textures, removing a number isn’t updating, it’s practically downgrading.

Although, arguing with someone who’s pure logic is to get a reply from me is a bad idea.

Oh well.


I don’t think it’s that big a deal. Sometimes it’s better not to get worked up by the most minor, and in the long run pointless, details.

I guess it looked cooler the old way but I’m not too concerned about it.

I think the logic behind it was that, 500 years in the future, they would have better technology for displaying numbers on a screen. As such, it’s more like an LED/LCD screen than it is a digital display, which would be implied if the counter displayed two digits at all times. In the heat of battle, taking out that extra zero could make the difference between realizing that you’re low on ammo and swapping out the clip and thinking that you’ve still got enough ammo to secure another kill. That’s just my two cents, but I hope it helped.

It’s just a game, no need to make a whole post over one digit.

It will bother me at first but I don’t use the the gun all that much so I’ll adjust.

Want to complain about a change? Look at the keypads on the doors on the Piller of Autumn. In halo CE they were on the left but in Halo CEA there on the right.

Here is a video. there is another one somewhere with a better view but I can’t find it.

Go to 7:20

Doesnt bother me that much but It may to others.