Small details, on top of the biggest issues

As i said before, i don’t care a bit about all of this stuff given that the battle pass is quite easy to complete way before the end of the season, but seriously guys, this challenge system obviously doesn’t get much love, and in addition the game can’t track properly the progression. I had a 25 pistol kills challenge, a bit annoying but quite easy to complete, and the game at least didn’t count me 5 clear kills (i know bot kills don’t count). As a result, i had to do another game in a playlist i don’t like that much just to get 1 kill. Also what is with this game mode rotation, why do i have to spend an entire afternoon playing only strongholds and oddball? C’mon 343, i know this game could and should be better. I wonder what were you doing all this time to give us a game with so much problems.