Small Concern About The Sidekick

I feel like the sidekick is a bit too powerful as it is right now. For 7 bullets to kill with a very fast rate of fire, it just shreds people in close to mid range and makes some weapons less worthy for use.

I see a majority of people using it in close range instead of the assault rifle or bulldog, and I think it just shouldn’t be as strong or even stronger as some other weapons are meant to be that do roughly the same thing (commando).

An idea I had for a nerf would be to make it take 9 or 10 shots to kill for a perfect while increasing the ammo to 15 or 16 while keeping the same rate of fire. This is to keep it from overlapping with other weapons effective in similar ranges. Just an idea, though.


That’s what it’s supposed to do.


I know, but my concern is if as what is intended to be a weaker weapon to finish weakened enemies or as a backup weapon it kills faster than weapons meant to be a stronger choice in the same or similar situations.


I agree the sidekick is OP. With its high fire rate, ability to suppress Zoom while its smart link is unaffected by suppression, its abundance of ammo on nearly every dead player, its low shots to kill considering its a side arm not a rifle.

It can be nerfed and still effective as a quick swap weapon that gets a headshot on low to no shield players. As it stands the sidekick has every advantage fast swap, fast melee, fast reload, fast fire rate, high damage per shot, non suppress-able, highly scavenge-able ammo, headshot capable.

There’s plenty that could be nerfed.

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Don’t be concerned. It’s right where it needs to be.


I agree the sidekick is OP but it has its fans.

When did the pistol became the main weapon in halo MP ? H5 ? Or it was before?

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The insanely fast peak rate of fire is my only concern.

Umm… Halo:CE


Oooh thanks :open_mouth:
That explains a lot indeed :thinking:

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its 1 kill than you have to reload to get the next one. Unless you are a supper dupper gamer, it won’t kill every one on the other team and you’ll be an easy clean up for others while reloading.


I know, but the reload is so fast that most of the time you can reload and almost immediately fight again, if your shields are full enough or the opponent(s) are weak enough.


Fast or not, having to reload every time you get a kill is what stops the sidekick from performing outside of its intended role.

You already have to aim true to get a single kill. Against 2 people, the sidekick is fubar.

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You mean the 0.01 seconds reload?

The intended role of the SK is a last resource weapon you would switch to in case you are out of ammo for your primary. Not only that but it would be outclassed by virtually any other weapon in the game, so that anybody would pick up literally any other weapon given the chance to.

Also what kind of non power weapon you know that can let you overpower 2 players at once?

The SK is OP period, and the only reason it has not been nerfed in the last update is because 343 didn’t have the balls to do it, as all the wannabe pros would start crying about the lack a skill weapon in the starting loadout.


Or it’s not overpowered at all? I actively use this weapon and it’s a skill powerhouse. We shouldn’t even be having this conversation, to be frank. It has VERY low aim assist and requires you to reload after a kill. The only other gun that does this is a skewer.


You could say that about a lot of weapons, most of which can get 2 - 3 kills before a reload. If you’re shields are full you can go get another 2-3 kills, especially on people with weak shields. That’s before we add other teammates and grenades in to the equation.

Is this happening regularly? In most my games the sidekick user kicks the bucket after one kill, maybe 2 kills. While the Br/ranged players keep getting higher kill counts.

Nah, the wanna be pros want only the BR and sniper on the map. It’s the casuals that will make noise about it being nerfed.

TBH the only nerf this gun and the AR needs is for them to be descoped when a player is shot.


I understand the points made about comparing it to the BR and other ranged weapons, but remember that I was talking about it in short to mid range.

The BR user will more than likely stay alive longer and get more kills as a result of that and it’s range, but I was comparing it to other weapons in the same range gap such as the AR, Bulldog, maybe commando as more people seem to find it more useful in the same ranges.

Basically, I think sidekick is OP in short to mid range, but will likely lose further than that.


My problem with this suggestion is that it doesn’t seem to account for player skill when you’re talking about the sidekick.

Some players are just good with it.

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This depends on what you call mid range. Because by all account the BR is a mid range weapon, but you say it’s not proper to bring this weapon up when talking about SK.

I’ve seen it be “op” in close range and 50/50 at close-mid against an AR or commando. At Mid to far-mid ranges it enters the BR’s most effective range and gets owned.

The close range effectiveness makes sense to me, but its effect at close mid should be nerfed by adding a descope function to it, similar to most other weapons.

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The Sidekick outperforming the AR is by design. The AR is extremely easy to use compared to the rest of the sandbox, so it’s the default spawn weapon to provide newer, or less experienced players with something reliable. But it also inherently doesn’t reward players for increasing their skill level at the game. The Sidekick comparatively requires a lot more aim control, so it’s provided as a stronger option players will gravitate towards as they get better at the game, and will be able to widen the gap between themselves and less skilled players by doing so.

The Sidekick’s TTK is also competitive with most map pickup weapons. It’s optimal TTK is weaker than that of other similarly niched weapons, like the Needler, Bulldog, Heatwave, and Sentinel Beam, but it’s strong enough that unless those weapons land perfect kills, it can beat them. Something the AR falls a bit short on, as most those weapons will still beat an AR even suboptimally. That’s also by design, as a core part of the Halo experience is spawning players strong enough to fight back against a team that has secured map and weapon control. Disadvantaged, but not so badly that they’ve already lost.


Ive had 1 or 2 matches where my team and I were cross maped with it and we literally died almost instantly when we were shot. These people never missed and fired it faster than I thought was even possible. In those 2 matches the sidekick literally made every other weapon obsolete.

The way ranges seem to work is 1-2 warthogs is close range, 3-4 is mid range, 5 or more is long range.

If I’m right (sorry if not), 4 warthogs seems to be that range you were thinking of when talking about mid to far-mid range.

I think that it’s from that point forward, the mid to long range weapons begin to beat the sidekick.

When I say that the BR shouldn’t be compared, that is because the most effective range for the BR is also the point the the Sidekick stops to destroy as efficiently.

They both work in mid range (4 warthogs), but that might as well be the weakest effective range excluding long range for the sidekick.

That’s why I was trying to talk about it’s most effective range with other weapons that also share that effective range, which in my head is 1-3 warthogs. I know what you mean though, I think.