Small Arms vs. Vehicles

Do you believe that small arms weapons (ie. the AR, BR, DMR, etc.) should be able to damage/disorient a vehicle?

ESPECIALLY in a game that has grenades, rocket launchers, SPARTAN Lasers, and incineration cannons. I should be able to shoot a Scorpion with a battle rifle for hours with no effect. It’s a TANK! As an “armored vehicle” it provides no more protection than my shields. Who needs it?

NO vehicle, not even a mongoose, should be vulnerable to small arms fire. NONE.

Plasma is more than enough already =)

Yeah they shouldn’t do nearly as much damage as they do.

I’ve noticed that a DMR, Boltshot, even a Storm Rifle can tear a vehicle apart.

It’s like the vehicles are becoming progressively weaker as the games go on. It used to be near impossible to take down a Warthog with just BRs.

Now someone can do it single-handedly…

No, there are already plenty of power weapons that can do so.

Using a Warthog effectively requires teamwork. The same should be needed to bring it down.

I think yes but only if everyone is teamshooting it, then it eventually gets destroyed. But not a tank or wraith, bullets should just bounce right off them.

I vote no.

I dont mind if light-arms fire does cosmetic damage, like for the Warthog: the windshield breaking, small parts of the armor popping off, hubcaps popping of, ect.

What I do mind is light-arms fire being able to deliver the killing blow to a vehicle. That task, imo, should be for grenades and heavy weapons.

No they shouldn’t be able to harm vehicles to the extent they do, like I mean the Wraith which is meant to be a Covenant armoured vehicle gets ripped to streds by DMR’S BR’S which makes no sence what so ever… I see no point even getting in the Wraith in dominion as its useless because of the damage it takes I always avoid getting in it as I think uh oh death trap! everytime I see it same with mostly every other vehicle they just die too easy I thought before Halo 4 was released weapons like the DMR and BR even the sniper! weren’t going to do critical damage to vehicles … That was somethink I was realy looking forward to seeing I got Halo 4 started it up thinking alright lets test out the vehicles in forge and then got my friend to fire a couple of DMR bullets into my banshee to see the amount of damage a small arm does and I was shocked … Shocked! of the damage it done… especially that I love driving all the Halo vehicles.

343 please can you lower the damage the vehicles take from small arms!

Big fat no from me

I vote no. Especially since we can have Plasma 'nades and Plasma pistols in our loadouts.
The only way we should stop vehicles with Small arms fire is if we kill the driver and/or gunner themselves.

Power weapon obtainment is randomized.

Being able to kill vehicles with small arms fire is necessary because it compensates for lack of power weapon strategy or predictability.

All these annoying changes 343I tie into each other. You can’t simply fix one without having to fix all the others.

All this said, I am not really against the concept of small arms fire damaging vehicles, but in some cases like the Ghost and Banshee it’s fairly ridiculous.

Anything to make the hog not a double kill on wheels.

> Being able to kill vehicles with small arms fire is necessary because it compensates for lack of power weapon strategy or predictability.

You’re going to have to elaborate on that one. Any map that has vehicles on it should have power weapons available, and everyone has grenades. Learning where power weapons are is part of Halo.

but imagine if the ghost was impossible to kill with normal guns. its cannons already shred people. but the damage does need to be lowered just not to the extent of vehicles being unkillable by anything other than power

I can see the sniper rifle wrecking warthogs, mongooses, and ghosts since it is .50 caliber anitmaterial/personnel weapon. But it shouldnt do anything to tanks, banshees, and mantises.

343 made the current damage rate this way to prevent over powering forces. Imagine if the current Pelican design was in multiplayer, the opposite team would rage quit knowing they lost already. If tanks could only be killed by power weapons they would be over powered.

It’s pretty much fair the way it is…

Suck it up, deal with it.

I find it interesting that, in building a 4v4 objective map that incorporates vehicles, I’ve had to give one team a Mantis and the other a Rocket Hog (both considered pretty top-tier vehicles) just to have some semblance of vehicle/infantry balance.

Vehicles need to be more resilient in general.

Yes, all weapons should do damage to vehicles but the do too much. I can understand that you can take ghost with concentrated fire fast. But all other vehicles take too much damage from, let’s say from DMR. I don’t like that fact, when I fly with a banshee, 90% of my deaths come by standard weapons, unless another banshee or Mantis wrecks me or unless somebody hijacks me. It’s very rare that I get destroyed by weapons designated to armor such as Spartan Laser, Rocket Launcher, Insicenary Cannon etc.

They should do damage, but minimal.

Mongooses and Ghosts shouldn’t be hard to take out, but not very easy either.

Warthogs should be hard to take out, what use is a vehicle when it makes you easier to kill AND a bigger target?

Wraiths and Scorpions should be hard to take out. (Asides cockpit sniping, which is pretty useful to be honest.)

yea nubs shouldn’t be able to dmr my banshee 5 times and i die