Sluggish Movement and Aiming

Is it just me or does the movement feel really sluggish both on foot and in vehicles? The aiming feel is strange too. Not sure if sluggish is the right word for how the aiming feels but it seems unusually difficult to aim on controller.
Both aiming and movement feel like a huge step down from Halo 5 which, in my opinion, had some of the cleanest and smoothest aiming and movement.

Just gotta adjust. I’ve been tweaking my settings like a fiend over the course of the last few days and only like two hours ago did I feel like I had a match where the reticle went where I wanted every time.

That said, it’s been like three years since I’ve played any PvP except Destiny 2, so compared to that… yeah, lol, it’s sluggish. But it’s Halo.

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What tweaks helped you the most?

Bruh I’m telling you right now this game aims better than halo 5 period. Put your look deadzones to 0 and put your acce to 4 thank me later….

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General sensitivity is what I’ve been -Yoink!- with most. A lot of Halo aiming is actually just strafing while whipping between targets and ADS speed is easy to lock in when you realize you mostly do movement there as well.

So I’ve basically been incrementally moving my sensitivity up over the last few days, and then down again, and then back up. And I think I turned my acceleration up a little as well. So yeah, ads went up a point or two. Standard went up like three. And acceleration went up 1.

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