Slower Kill Times: Appreciation

In Reach, I really took slower kill times for granted. I thought they were terrible. Bloom encouraged players to even shoot a bit slower than the fastest possible fire rate.

But then I played Halo 4… Spartan IV’s just dropped like flies. In H3 and Reach, I’d call out everything I saw and my team would get assist after assist, laughing, thanking each other for having each other’s back. But in Halo 4 its simply "one over here… Never mind, I killed him, one ov… Never mind. If you ever clean up a kill, its always because you already saw him or your teammate just died and your finishing the job. Hardly felt the need to play with my team.

In Reach, there is plenty of time to notice you teammates tag blinking, indicating a fight allowing you to respond. It was more a dance rather than point-shoot-dead-next.

Fast kill times do a pretty good job of empowering the individual with skill, but it becomes a bunch of individual battles… Slower kill times feel much more rich and satisfying, as if they were worked for and earned made teamwork more of a feature in combat.

Well the goal of combat is to kill your oponent as quickly as possible.
I’ll bet its the 8-second recharge shield and instant respawn, for starters…