Slow matchmaking


Has anyone experienced slower matchmaking after the mid-season update? And I can’t get a ranked match going.

Can we get server options with population numbers so we could manually jump if our region is a bit low at a particular time? Am playing from Southeast Asia BTW.



Same here, since mid-season update, I was unable to find any Ranked Match after get my new ranking (Plat. 4).
Please 343 just give us an option to choose where we can play!

PD. I’m from South America, and support for us has been poor, only cares US players?


The population is really low at the moment and the always-present skill based matchmaking does the rest, segregating the few remaining players left

I’m playing two ranked matches a day, after spending 20 minutes looking for a match, here in Brazil, the current state of this game is disheartening.