Slow matchmaking

attempting to play big team but it’s incredibly slow finding players. Then, when we get into one, the level doesn’t load. It ends the game for everyone. Did this last night playing in a party with a friend online, and today with one split screen friend. We’ve waited about 20 minutes with no success. Restarted search a few times. I haven’t seen it this bad since launch.

What is your NAT type like? It affects the speed of matchmaking. Also, how quick is it without friends? I have not been experiencing long waits lately, though you may live somewhere where the waits are slower.

I’ve been having the same issues. It is taking absolutely FOREVER to find people, both solo and with friends. I waited 25 minutes in the queue and nothing was happening. This occurred with all playlists. Halo 4, BTB, H2A, etc.