Slow matchmaking awful patch's not working

I’m still having slow make making i’m lucky If i get a game a day this really sucks and 343 have had enough time since the release in now 2014 to sort this their is no ranking either is anyone else have the same issues I’m starting to wish i had never brought the xbox one now and I’am really considering asking for compo and moving to ps4 i do not wish to do this but i also want a console i can use and enjoy sadly 343 are failing ever since they brought out bungie even halo 4 wasn’t that good with change the blast radius of the the plasma etc and i member they did all new special effects sounds and ever gun sounds the same. I’am very disappointed with 343 progress and this is not blind hate if it sucks it sucks and they aren’t helping them self i feel that halo is near it’s end if they flop with halo 5 as a fan that will be it for me and i grew up on the game. hurry up and sort it or I’m gone end off and i may only be one fan but fans won’t put up with bull forever i have no doubt that some guys who helped make the game love it as much as i and feel a lot of stuff that went wrong was due to higher guys that wouldn’t know how to play if there life deepened on it after all micro is a software company for most but who uses Hotmail or word anymore … give me a job i wouldn’t even take half of what these guys get paid i wounder is that is why there was the massive halo 5 bata coz they didn’t want it to flop again.