Slow it Down!

Ok. So, let me just start off by saying that I really enjoy Halo 4. It’s refreshing to have some new spartan combat in my hands once again. I’ve been waiting a long time for it’s release and for the past few days I have played it thoroughly. The story was interesting, though not what I expected, but decent nonetheless. Spartan Ops seems a little rushed, but I think it shows promise with a little more substance and fine tuning. Forge definitely needs an overhaul. But mostly what I’m here to talk about is the multiplayer.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love the Halo 4 multiplayer! It’s an adrenaline rush! It takes skill! It keeps me entertained! My only question is for how long?

Throughout it’s development, I’ve always said that Halo 4 would not be a COD clone. And I’m not saying it is! But it is definitely headed in that direction, and when I played COD I got bored… fast. You see, I love the fast combat of this game. Being able to charge an enemy with guns blazing, then throwing the butt of my gun into his jaw is more than satisfying. I love the swift spartan on spartan combat, the rush of fine-tuned battle, but what I don’t like is that I never get a break from it. It’s always constant killing. I never get to explore the map for a stealthy approach. I never have to go on a man hunt for my enemies. It’s all out war… all the time.

Part of this is because of the map sizes. Let’s be honest, It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a really good large map in Halo multiplayer. I’m talking about Sand Trap. On that map it was a search and destroy type feel. You never had to worry about being killed five seconds after spawning because there was enough room on the map for people to gain unique positions. There was also the Elephants. There was nothing more fun than getting all your guys aboard and doing your best to ward off attacks. It brought a better sense of strategy and battle.

Real wars with fire arms aren’t commonly blood baths. Spartans are an exception. The can have the gruesome close combat, the quick kills, and the assassinations. All I’m asking is that those instances are a bit more few and far in between. I just want a longer and more strategic battle than just running to the room next door to kill somebody. Give us the chance to be predators and prey. Give us hiding places and bases that we’ll feel obligated to use. Give us a real battle.