Slightly Cracked Halo Reach Disc

I cannot find a way to email 343 directly, but I am an avid Halo reach fan (play them all, reach is the fav) and it has a slight crack on the inside of the disc. The disc reads, and even plays, but at the end of a matchmaking game, I get booted off for the disc not being readable.

I wanted to know if there is a way I could send my copy in for a replacement. I buy DLC and all the fun stuff, and really do not wish to have to purchase an entire new game at full price for this issue.

Please help if you know where I can send an email or if you can point me in the right direction.


So you’re allowed special treatment because of how much of a fan you are? No. It doesn’t matter if you buy DLC, so does everyone else. Or if you buy the “fun stuff”, because so does everyone else. They won’t send you a free copy at all, that’s for sure.

Go buy a replacement.

The only way to get a replacement disc is to buy a new one. There is no “Mail in a broken one and get one back” program or anything. Sorry.