Slight Lag when Scoping Weapons.... ???

Hey all,

Downright incredible game that 343i have delivered with Halo 4.

I salute the whole team for their stellar handling of this beloved franchise. Who would have thought Halo 4 could be THIS good!

Anyway, onto the point at hand.

Has anybody else noticed a slight lag when clicking on the analogue stick to enter zoom? It seems somewhat sluggish compared to all previous iterations of Halo and I have to admit I’m finding it somewhat annoying.

Any observations from other players on this?

Probably one of 343i’s attempts at making the game more “real”, because, you know, aliens and such.

I am particularly against the whole Sprint-then-try-to-shoot-but-the-reticle-doesn’t-pop-up issue.

It seems really counter-productive in a fast paced FPS like Halo 4

I wonder if it is intentional or not?