Slide boost back? Yes, No, I don't care.

I personally like to see it come back. It was a fun unsuspected feature. Believe it’s still in campaign. Other Halo games had quirks like this that never where patched. For example rocket and grenade jumping. Whole communities where build around the rocket jump. Was 343 right in patching the slide boost or where they wrong? Should they have asked the community to have a say as to whether or not it stayed or got patched or do you guys think it was game breaking? Anyway just curious as to the communities thoughts on the subject.

It broke to many maps so I’m glad its gone.

Rocket jumping was made to be in Halo games. And grenade jumping. BXR and Doubletap were fun exploits :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I don’t really care…I never tried it.

It was a fun thing to do if you could pull it off. Another fun thing scratched off the list, just like grenade jumping.

I personally like it.

Yeah, I want it. Sometimes I try to and remember that you can’t. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt. But the question is, where would the thrusters be? :wink:

I don’t really care. But I just don’t like slide in general. I always think “fun” thoughts when I see a guy sliding around.

Thanks for all your feed back guys. It was really fun. I never did experienced it breaking the game or breaking maps. It was avaliable to everyone who wanted to learn how to do it just like learning how to use anything in halo. Anyone think that theres a possibility that 343 would bring it back especially if the community is for it?

It seems kind of cheap to me, but I’ve never seem anyone do it when I’m playing so I guess They should add it back for the ones who know how. If you don’t know how, then GIT GUD lol.

I didn’t even know that existed.