Slayer Warzone Variant

So, Warzone is fun. I love the req system and the ability to spawn in with the right weapon for the right situation.

I don’t like that it is purely objective based. Yes, the objectives are easy to cap and defend with some teamwork and communication, but I don’t have a core group of people to play with to assist and many of the players are just running around trying to get kills and blow S***t up. I’m don’t blame them (at least when I’m not losing too bad); that is the primary reason a lot of us play halo. We all really, deep down, just want to shoot someone in the face with a scorpion tank.

I hope that we can get a slayer variant of the game, 12 vs 12 with req packs. Instead of NPC kills and objectives giving the experience for to reach the next req level, it could be sped up slightly and automatically progress and get bonus xp based on medals earned. The rate that you can reuse your reqs would stay the same to keep the balance going.

Newayz, bump if you like it, maybe enogh ppl will bump that 343 will show us some love over the next couple of weeks.

Cough. Warzone assault. Cough.