Slayer squad- Halo division

Hello Halo community, if you’re reading this post than I can only assume that you’re doing one of two things.

1.) Looking for a group of individuals from which to affiliate yourself with, and to start a new chapter in your Halo experience.

2.) Browsing this sub-forum as a means to finding either an ally or rival clan.

Well you’re in luck; I and those that associate with me on Halo can espouse either goal within reason of course :slight_smile:

Slayer squad is a newly formed clan that seeks to empower its member base with the classic clan experience; kicking virtual -Yoink- with chill people, and doing whatever we want on any game.

Our foundation has been laid with the creation of a site, enough membership to fill a squad, and this platoon to follow.

We are now actively recruiting any interested party so long as they meet this simple criterion:

-Be of mature standing within the context of attitude and behavior (Respectful demeanor, basically don’t be a -Yoink- to others without cause)

-A willingness to contribute towards the team’s success (Playing the objective)

-A desire for continuous improvement of oneself and others (We want to strive towards increasing our knowledge, skills, and abilities)

-Able to communicate in some medium (Voice, command roster or gestures)

-Register on both the site and platoon

-Able to enjoy games and have fun with other members

Well that’s the gist of our requirements.

Most of our members come from previous clan affiliations, so we know of the infamous shortcomings associated with many current clans. We intend to be different, by fostering a unique gaming culture around the collective as a whole, as opposed to an elite few. Authority is to be decentralized, with members really only being expected to follow direction when practical. We are specifically looking for more people that just want to play the objective, and win while enjoying the company of others. That being said, we still have some competitive goals on the horizon for those of you that might be interested. As well, as a lot of ideas for some fun laid back community events. If this is of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to consult the contact information to follow.

More information about our group can be found in the following links.

Current site: Enjin: Website does not exist

Contact GT’s: HWM Fear, Khasion/ManicCrawdad26

Currently an Xbox 360 group, but we will eventually expand to the one.