Slayer Rounds Are Broken

Me and a buddy just tested this out. We play a match with 7 rounds. 1 life a round.
He killed me 4 times winning 4 rounds with 4 points. This was in the first 4 rounds.
I killed him in the last 3 rounds. So I won the last round.
At the end of the match I won with less point AND less rounds won just because I won the last round.
This needs to be fixed.

I tried to take a screen shot as proof but the game conveniently left the scoreboard out of the screen shot

You gotta be kidding me…How am I the only one that has noticed this?

Interesting… there are a TON of bugs in this game right now, some of them seriously game breaking at times. A screenshot would be nice though! Then again… it was a custom game. Did you check to see if the settings accorded for points over the entire game to determine a winner? Could have been an issue with your custom game settings, though I don’t know for sure: haven’t been using the custom options too much lately.

Yeah a screen shot would have helped out

Yeah guys get a buddy and go into customs and try this out. You’ll see what i’m saying. It’s totally broken

I wish people would take notice of this. It really limits the variety of different custom games we can make