Slayer Round Im Proud Of!

So I was on the fence of buying Halo as I’ve never actually enjoyed any before, my cousin convinced me to pick it up and I’ve been loving it ever sense. I recently started streaming and captured this Slayer game that I’m super stoked of. Hope you all enjoy, and if you have any feedback please let me know, I’ll take it all in.

Here’s what i got for ya! There’s going to be more criticism than praise but that’s because you did well. When you win and play well it’s better to find opportunities to improve. When you play bad it could just be a bad day and not actual things you can improve on.

What I thought you did well:
-You took full advantage of your opportunities. When you had power weapons you got kills (nice run with the sniper and that snapshot). If there was an idle player you got the kill.

Some constructive feedback:

  • Weapon choice. I saw you pick up the BR and DMR and replace the AR instead of the pistol. In Halo, your pistol, DMR, and BR are your general all purpose use utility weapons. You can use them at short range - mid range - and even long range with the DMR. The AR is only good for CQC. If you get the jump on a player who is close to you or if someone gets the jump on you and is using a utility weapon sometimes using the full-auto AR will makes players more tense and start missing their shots as they’re coming under fire. I recommend replacing your pistol with BR’s and DMR’s instead of replacing your AR. Look at 1:04 and you can kind of see how the enemy did it to you. You made your first two pistol shots and then missed the next one.
  • Player movement. I noticed once you built up confidence in the game (after your sniper run) you started leaving the outside areas of the map and began aggressively charging the enemy through the middle of the map. The players you were playing against weren’t good enough to to advantage of that but in games against more skilled players they’ll spot you, call you out, and take advantage of those moves. Halo is built on map control and weapon control. Your team and teammates should be focused on getting every power weapon and putting yourselves in positions to take out enemy players rather than searching for 1v1 battles.
  • Team communication. It’s great to get into the habit of calling the enemy out. When players have mics on, you can take advantage of call-outs. Even if you are unfamiliar with the map you can still call out “Red Base, Sniper Spawn, Bottom Mid”. It’ll make the difference between a win and loss when playing against same skilled opponents.

I enjoyed watching the game. I noticed you’re gold rank but if you ever want to play better players send me a message. I’m always looking to add Halo players.

seen better when im drunk

That map is terrible for the snipes.